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DRM Investments Summary    

No. of Investments: 240    Total Cost:29,865,219,955.51
Investments by Sector
SectorCost (KES)OngoingComplete
Water6,856,950,683.91 9 150
Livestock6,382,079,220.50 6 61
Agriculture4,558,447,504.00 3 35
Peace and Security1,344,703,900.00 1 9
Education265,513,297.72 1 4
Crops560,309,354.00 0 8
Fisheries50,830,000.00 0 2
Energy1,066,624,800.00 1 5
Health6,264,036,290.00 0 24
ICT8,176,160.00 0 1
Roads12,482,645,148.00 0 6

Investments by Funder
FunderCost (KES)OngoingComplete
E.U17,326,165,597.64 15 71
DFID194,463,543.17 0 59
Government of Kenya1,031,378,691.92 2 73
USAID4,770,815,400.00 0 6
County Government686,980,373.37 2 91
UNDP217,400,000.00 2 1
National Government49,588,133.00 0 1
WFP106,510,000.00 0 19
Swedish Government1,970,999,040.00 0 5
Danida170,144,670.00 0 1
JICA103,180,140.00 0 2
AusAid525,732,480.00 0 5
ECHO229,500,000.00 0 2
FAO109,740,348.00 0 5
IFAD6,439,700.00 0 1
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The Investment Status by Sector chart showing Complete series, Ongoing series.
The Investment Status by Funders - Top 5 chart showing Complete series, Ongoing series.
The Investment Status by Implementer - Top 5 chart showing Complete series, Ongoing series.
DRM Investments
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KWA KATUKA DROUGHT PREPAREDNESS PROJECT EDE: SDRMWaterClimate-proofed Infrastructure26,199,292.38Nov 2022May 2023Planned15/11/2022Details
Kwa Katuka Earth Dam Drought Preparedness ProjectEDE: SDRMWaterClimate-proofed Infrastructure27,032,983.59Dec 2022May 2023Planned15/11/2022Details
Mbarani Earth DamKCEP: CRALWaterClimate-proofed Infrastructure6,439,700.00Aug 2021Nov 2021Complete15/11/2022Details
Kilimboni Earth DamKCEP: CRALWaterClimate-proofed Infrastructure5,987,185.20Aug 2021Dec 2021Complete15/11/2022Details
Improvement of Loglogo Girls Secondary Borehole and Auxillary worksEDE: SDRMWaterClimate-proofed Infrastructure20,450,400.00Mar 2022Mar 2023Planned26/09/2022Details
Small Scale Farmer MechanisationNONEAgricultureSustainable Livelihoods45,900,000.00Mar 2013Mar 2017Complete14/03/2022Details
KRDP-Samburu Pastoralists Livelihood Improvement ProjectKRDPLivestockSustainable Livelihoods251,940,000.00Sep 2012May 2016Complete28/02/2022Details
Support to the implementation of mariculture in kenya.NONEFisheriesSustainable Livelihoods49,980,000.00Nov 2012Oct 2015Complete28/02/2022Details
Supporting Kwale in the Provision of Integrated Medicine.NONEHealthHuman Capital424,320,000.00Dec 2014Jan 2020Complete28/02/2022Details
Integrated Approaches to Child Protection against Violence in KenyaNONEPeace and SecurityPeace and Security157,775,640.00Nov 2013Jan 2017Complete28/02/2022Details
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